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Aquaponics is the first step to changing our food system.

fish mouths

What is The Aquaponics Project?

The Aquaponics Project was established to not only educate communities about sustainable practices of agriculture, but also to begin implementing and scaling these practices. Food is so central to our culture, health, and education, yet we have become so disconnected from our food. We believe reviving that connection will not only benefit our own lives, but reduce the excessive waste the current food system imposes on the environment. This is why we are dedicated to building the tools and curriculum necessary to empower communities to redevelop and grow through great food. Aquaponics plays an important role in this process. It's ability to produce both fish and plants in an enclosed environment opens the door to urban agriculture and initiates the conversation around food. But it's only the beginning. We must address food waste, food distribution and soil conditions to truly build a resilient solution.

Let's get our hands dirty and begin implementing these practices across the country. Check out our latest systems and work below!